hypnotic drip

(Hypnotic, Drip, Sulk)

The Water Torturer paid me no heed as he went about his business.  The steady drip of the water on my forehead did not send me into a screaming confession of the secrets he so desperately needed.  Instead, the drips were hypnotic and put me into a peaceful slumber.  When I awoke, I swear he was sulking.


18 Responses to “hypnotic drip”

  1. i actually did that big laugh thing i do at the end.

  2. Looks like you turned the tables on the water torturer!

  3. clever use of the words!

  4. yummy. What a wonderful take on the words. Thanks for a big smile.

  5. I did a little story with the same aspects as your story, but it’s not nearly as good. Great job!

  6. Love this! It’s so clever and RIGHT!

  7. This really was a treat.

  8. Got a good chuckle at the tables being turned…

  9. lol 😀
    this was nicely done. looks like u tortured the water torturer!! 😀


  10. as a steady rain…i like that thought… the next time i see another pix of so called water torture i’ll think of yr story…

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