The Price (long version)

    The door to the ancient structure, a mansion from ages gone by, abused by time and neglect, was ajar.  “When is a door not a door? When it’s a jar!” she thought to herself (she was famous for making jokes when nervous).  Another blind date, she hated blind dates, but here she was again, a friend promising her “this is the one, trust me”.   That was one of her many faults, trusting too easily, so she hesitantly stepped through the door (jar).  “Hello” she whispered to the cobwebs and long dead residents, trying to muster up some courage for what was to come.  She checked herself in her mental mirror; she was a beauty and too smart for her own good at times, so she told herself  “I am not a frightened child, I am a goddess”, and with that , her next “Hello”  came out like a war cry, and she was only mildly surprised when she received a gentle “Good Evening” in reply.

She was on her knees  before she knew what was happening to her, “God forgive me” escaping her lips.  “What have you done?” purred the man, a symphony in black and white.  “Not what I’ve done, what I will do” she smiled.  “And if He doesn’t…forgive you, that is?”   As he breathed the question into her ear, the wineglass in his hand, the smell so intoxicating she remembered it as if in a dream, her reply was simply “No matter.”  For she had already concluded that even if this man was Lucifer himself, she would do anything, be anything, everything he wanted.  “Would you like some wine?” he asked as he put the goblet to her lips.  “I never drink wine” she said as she drank and drank the heavy, coppery, garnet colored liquid.

“So this is The Price” she thought, as his fangs sunk into her neck.  “This is the Price for everything? Just a soul? Not much of anything, really”


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