The icy glare from my opponent masked veiled threats, as did mine.  This staring contest of ours had gone on for hours, months, centuries. Eons.  Time had ceased to exist for us, the last 2 survivors of this bloody war.  So many had died, been killed, for the lusterous object on the table,  our eyes only leaving each other’s long enough to check it’s location, verify that it had not moved, and then the staring contest would continue.  Who would get to it first? Were we ready to die for it, were we ready to kill for it? Yes, we were ready.

(Glare, Luster, Threat)


21 Responses to “Showdown”

  1. This has some brutal coolness to it. I like where you’ve taken it, taken the readers.

  2. illyriataylor Says:

    well thankyou.

  3. illyriataylor Says:

    I’m liking you better every day. Thanx.

  4. hmm… ready to die…

    Nice piece; The style is cool!

  5. What is it…? Sounds well worth entering this contest…

    • illyriataylor Says:

      I didn’t really know what it was. Blood Diamonds and Spheres of Destiny and religious artifacts all collided
      in my brain so it just became whatever the reader wants it to be. Thanx.

  6. There was a sinister, cold feeling to this…great read!

  7. Good story idea, makes a belting piece of flash fiction!


  8. Nicely done.I was afraid not to take my eyes off while reading coz who knows the battle would have yielded its winner;)
    And while reading one stupid thought too struck me:
    “And finally when the winner is about to claim victory the lusterous object vanishes”:)

    I am sorry my baby


    • illyriataylor Says:

      well thankyou very much! I did that in between field calls so I wasn’t putting alot of thought into it!
      So what was the object for you?

      • Hmmmm.well thats something that I too haven’t figured out yet;)
        I feel that since the thought was basically yours so I would be contented with THE lusterous object that you have put on the table.


      • illyriataylor Says:

        LMAO..I only asked because YOU gave it better qualities than I did, mine can’t vanish! Have a good one!

  9. Like a samurai showdown, or a battle between immortals, or an old-fashioned western shootout… who’s eye twitches first? Who loses their nerve and goes for the draw? And who is faster and more skilled? Only another paragraph or two will tell! And you didn’t write them! Arrrgh!

    • illyriataylor Says:

      ahahahaha! If I ever finish the story I’ll send it to you first! and BTW, the next 2 paragraphs just would’ve explained more about the object, so you still wouldn’t have an answer!

  10. I feel the same way. This is about the last m&m from the bag, right? Not sure I’d kill for it, though. Maybe.

  11. I like the political ring to this – the strength of muscle as opposed to heart.

  12. illyriataylor Says:

    you don’t think it was a show of muscle BECAUSE it was the heart’s desire?

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