Life, or something like it

Kevin and I were driving down a back road one night, too late to be out on a work night but we were still something close to young.  Our conversation drifted in and out of the mundane to the fabulous, both of us outcasts in our own way.  He, an outcast from society, me, an outcast of my own self, misfits and rejects our whole lives before we met, and still so when we did finally meet, but found our inner selves along the way and were not only comfortable with ourselves, but proud.  We both wore our strangeness like a badge of courage, and when we came together we were untouchable and invincible, leaving a trail of baffled community members in our wake.  Everywhere we went we lit the place on fire, and when we left, well, there was an emptiness where we had been that normal people didn’t know how to fill.  Always the life of the party. And if it wasn’t a party before we got there….

Kevin tells me he wants to do something spectacular, and I said “don’t you just want to be normal? Don’t you just want to be plain and ordinary for just one minute of your life?”  I meant the question, and he meant his answer. “Hell no! Why would we ever want to be normal? We are fantastic and we always have been, why would you take that from yourself?”.  My reply was as quick as it was sad, “because it’s easier”.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew that we would always have ,between us, one thing we agreed to disagree on.  He was right.  I spent my whole life being extraordinary and most people would sacrifice a soul for just one minute in the spotlight, but I still stick to my guns.  Being extraordinary is exhausting on so many levels, I often think that I would trade myself, even for just a day, to the person that wants my life so much.  Just so I can understand ordinary.


4 Responses to “Life, or something like it”

  1. I like this piece a lot. The grass is always greener on the other side. Well written and I could easily imagine their life together.

    • illyriataylor Says:

      thankyou so much for taking the time to read that..It was killing me not to edit but those were the rules. As for the couple, well, still good friends to this day.

  2. some amazing lines in there…

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