A Queen’s tomb

She ventured into forbidden territory when she met New Orleans for the first time.  The most haunted city in the world called her name from every balcony, every broken cobblestone, every lampost and deepwood cemetary, every derelict building abandoned from the flood, every swamp and bog,  the wind called to her like a lover, and she was free at last.  New Orleans had called her home.

She went to the Queen’s tomb and begged a favor, believing that if it was even the remotest of possibilies the Queen would reward.  Somewhere along the way she met a ghost, and he went with her when she returned to the ruins of her real life, a place she never called home.

The days and the months that passed brought her closer to the  ghost, he filled the lonely hours between twilight and sleep,  she begged a name but got no response, and as she was about to rage at him for holding that secret she realized that indeed, the Queen had granted the favor, and the rage dissolved into tears.


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