The last tattoo

I remember vividly the day I decided to break traditional barriers and get my first tattoo,  I had thought long and hard and in the end it came down to a symbol that defines me like no other.  I chose my zodiac sign, a Ram’s head, placed on my tailbone.


They say tattoos are addictive, and I can understand the allure, after the Ram I had a million ideas for more, one was a Peacock backpiece, another a glow in the dark tattoo of the bones in my hand and face, all symbols of things I find beautiful.  I began watching all the tattoo shows and became fascinated with the concept of  “memorial tattoos”, a tattoo to represent the loss of a loved one, and  it was then that I realized that the next tattoo I get will also be my last.  When I am free from this job as a paid assassin, I will get a paw print on the back of my neck, with a number below it in the thousands, as a memorial to all of the lives I took in the name of the law.


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