The Stir of Echoes

“What do you mean you can’t save him, you’re Archangels!” I screamed, as Lucifer lay dying in my arms, I rage at them for not healing him, forbidden they say, forbidden by “Him”, and in my arrogance I screamed at their God “come down you worthless son of a bitch and heal him, You loved him once!” and I was promptly bitch slapped by “Him” and knocked across the room.

I then saw Lucifer bathed in a cocoon of prismatic colors, his limp form rising higher off the floor, his body turning in ever so slow circles, his ebony hair turning into the color of light, his raven wings the color of doves, he was again Samiel, the bringer of Light, “His” favorite and most beloved of all creation, the other angels stared in awe.

In the next instant the image was gone, and he was hurled across the room in all of his black splendor, Lucifer once more, and I raged ” you could have been what you were, you could’ve had it all back again, why did you throw it away?’ “Oh, the same old thing” Lucifer replied, “for the love of a woman.”

“Lilith?” I screamed, “she’s dead, she’s been dead for time out of mind, you gave it all up for her?” and before I could say another word he interrupted “not for Lilith”, as he cradled my chin in his hand, and with that he returned to hell to restore some sense of normality, leaving me alone to face the other angels, and Gabriel in her rage grabbed me by the neck and screamed “how does it feel little girl, to be the reason there is still hell on earth, He did it for you, how does it feel?

As I got up from the floor, wiping the blood from my mouth, I replied “How does it feel Gabriel, why don’t you tell me, the Halls of Heaven echo with your footsteps, don’t they, and the only thing your God has ever loved is THAT angel, even fallen, how does it feel Gabriel to know that your eons of devotion mean nothing to “Him”, tell me, how does it fe


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