The Stir of Echoes prt 2

As Gabriel let go of me, her eyes molten rage and dawning understanding, Metatron had quietly whispered something to Michael, and Michael, ever my friend as well as Lucifer’s, simply shook his head. Metatron stepped forward, “great lady, all things aside, the Spear of Destiny that Michael gave you to reclaim the throne for Lucifer, well, we need that back.”

“That old thing? Goodness, I must have lost it in Hell, I’m sure it will turn up” I said with a cat- that- just -ate -the- canary smile on my bloody lips.
In his stoic furry Metatron and the other angels disappeared in a flurry of multicolored wings, Michael hanging behind a heartbeat later, a knowing smile in his eyes.

“You handled that well” I heard Lucifer say in his deep intoxicating voice that has tempted mankind for eons, “where is it really?” even he wanted to know, where is the only object ever proven to kill a god?

“Let’s just say I left you a present” I smirked at him, “It’s rather easy to find if you know where to look” and I knew that he did, and I also knew that Lucifer could no more take it out of hell than the angels could go down to get it, for that was only for the chosen, the one who could jump in and out of either kingdom, and I was that chosen, the only mortal that could draw forth the Longinus lance, just as only King Arthur could draw forth Excalibur.


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