The Stir of Echoes pt 3

 After Lucifer had left and we had cleaned up the castle, my companions and I were about to leave the gateway when Metatron appeared, and I was on my knees in an instant, bowing to the angel that would be God, silently screaming to my friends not to move a muscle, not even to breathe, when he said “Ah, the lady does know fear, you’re probably calculating the time it will take you to get to Hell and back with the lance so that you can kill me.” Still too terrified to move, I said “No your Highness, I know exactly how long it will take to get it, I just don’t understand why you’d want me to, because if I kill you the Archangels will retaliate on all mankind and if you kill me then Lucifer will unleash his Legions” the realization dawning on me the minute the words left my mouth, he needed the apocalypse and he needed the lance to kill his god in order to take his rightful place on the throne of Heaven. “Well, no matter” he said, “I just wanted you to know that we are greatful to you for restoring Lucifer and his Kingdom, since Uriel isn’t ready to take on that job just yet, so whatever you want, whatever you need, it is yours for the asking.” “Thankyou your Highness but I will decline that favor for now, but I would like to know, since angels cannot lie, which Archangel was missing today?” “It was Raziel, why do you ask?” he answered. As I got to my feet and stood facing him I replied “nothing really, I just wanted to know what the skeleton of an archangel would fetch on ebay these days, since you left him there, to die in hell, and it’s interesting that you chose the angel that knew all of God’s secrets to sacrifice for your failed attempt to jump start the apocalypse,” and as Metatron, next in line for the throne turned a whiter shade of pale I said “ebay it is then.”


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