The Force of Words

The argument between them eclipsed everything that came before.  The nights spent in love, the days spent in joy, the hours in between spent in eager anticipation of seeing each other , falling in love all over again.  All of that love and hope, destroyed by the velocity of harsh words and accusations being hurled like molitav cocktails across the room.  As what they had languished in despair and defeat, begging for release, it finally gave up and died, and the two did not even note it’s passing.

Eclipse, Languish, Veloctity.


16 Responses to “The Force of Words”

  1. Powerful stuff, here. Full of meaning and feeling. Several quality lines in this.

  2. It so often happens exactly that way! Nice…

  3. Power and Beauty. This is truly fantastic.

  4. Wonderful.
    The words that seemed so tough to put to use fill like a jigsaw puzzle’s pieces here.
    And thats also very much true of the way relations form and later deform.

    an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind


  5. illyriataylor Says:

    THANX EVERYBODY. I threw this together and never reread it.

  6. Deep and spot on.

  7. That was really powerful writing. well said!

  8. Very cool. I liked this. I especially liked “velocity of harsh words and accusations being hurled like molitav cocktails”. Words as weapons, presented very visually. Well done.

  9. I particularly enjoyed the molotov cocktail metaphor… often, these eruptions in one’s love life destroy the tranquility around the fighting couple, and the damage spreads outwards like fire, affecting children, family, friends. Great work!

  10. illyriataylor Says:

    thanx, the molitav cocktail was the only thing that had me stuck on this piece, and it looks like it worked!

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