His Big Debut

They made fun of him, or bullied him, or worse, paid no attention to him at all.  He was just the hired help, his only job was to sweep the stage when the performance was over, clean the debris from the aisles, make sure the light bulbs on the stage would light on command, and an actor or actress with their ocassional “where is my costume, go fetch it for me”. 

 One night he was caught putting on stockings, rolling them down to the toe as he had seen so many actresses do, then sticking his oversized foot into the silk sheath, rolling the material up his leg ever so slowly as not to snag it, and since then he was known as “the queer boy” or the “lad who dresses up like girls”.  It was just another humiliation in a life of humiliations.  But tonight, tonight’s performance would be different.

As he finished with the stockings and costume (it was too small but no matter) he was putting on his makeup, running the lipstick on over and over on his too masculine lips, a color the same shade of red that was still on his hands, the color of the liquid that jetted out of the surprised actresses’ throat as he slit it from behind her.  She didn’t see him coming or hear his heavy breathing until it was too late, but then that was her own fault.  She never saw him to begin with.

He put the final touches on the blonde wig and  the feathered hat and slipped his too large feet into the costume’s high heels when he saw the house lights dim, the curtain going up, and the director yelling over his shoulder “you’re on!”


2 Responses to “His Big Debut”

  1. Now this is truly funny! That would have been a great episode of the Twilight Zone.

  2. illyriataylor Says:

    it probably was.

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