“…makes us stronger”


I can’t deny that Nietzche may have had a valid point in this piece of philosophy, just as I can’t deny that walking away from the Love of my Life made me stronger, I learned that I would never love any greater than that, and I haven’t.

I can’t deny that losing a months’ rent to a thief during a Halloween party didn’t make me stronger, I lost my childhood home of 26 years because somebody needed the money more than I did, and the irony was that I would have given that money away to somebody, anybody, who could have taken away the pain I was in that night, and so I learned that money has no real value.

I can’t deny that on that particular Halloween I faced what I thought to be the worst horror of my life, my beloved pet, my best friend for 13 years, laying dead in the middle of my street, his body a ruin of blood and crushed bones and no way to bury him because our shovel was broken, it never occured to me that my neighbors thought I was playing a prank on them, knocking door to door, covered in blood and intestines, begging for a shovel, it was only hours later that some man realized I meant it and came to my house to give me a shovel and just to pour salt in the wound, it turned out the backyard was too stoney to bury anything anyway, and I learned futility.

I can’t deny that holding my dead best friend in my arms for twelve hours made me stronger because I had to be, I was waiting for my roommate to come home with the car so I could take my loved one to a house two hours away, a house I knew had good enough soil to bury my dead, and I learned that the ground is always stoney no matter how easily it can be tilled.

I can’t deny that every horror in my life didn’t prepare me for a job that ultimately betrays my soul to the very core, a job that tortures me anew every day, much like Prometheus and his eagle, and I learn to submit to my punishment.

And I can’t deny that if I could confront Nietzche, the only thing I would have to say to him would be “I would have prefered death, thankyou very much”, I’ve learned enough of strength.


4 Responses to ““…makes us stronger””

  1. illyriataylor Says:

    thanx and can I get a hallelujuiah?

  2. powerful and painful.

  3. illyriataylor Says:

    thanyou. This was a tough one for me to do.

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