The Wolf in Us All

She awoke covered in blood, clutching a diamond earring and no memory of the night before.  She had been subjected to black outs on occasion, at least once a month, but this was different.  As she took a shower she tried to recall the events from the night before.  She remembered returning  home from work, and was getting ready to go out with the girls when she decided that it would be safer to stay indoors tonight, what with the full moon and all.  She put on her pj’s and fell into a deep slumber.  When she got out of the shower she went into the kitchen and put on her morning pot of coffee and fetched the paper from the front porch.  The headline read “Another wild dog attack in Central Park leaves one woman dead” and she thought to herself, “it was a good thing I stayed indoors last night, that woman could have been me.”


3 Responses to “The Wolf in Us All”

  1. this was yummy delicious, let me know if u decide to continue this one…

  2. illyriataylor Says:

    thanx, and no, this disaster ended right where it was supposed to!

  3. Welcome to Fiction Friday. Its always wonderful when new writers join the ranks. Its very nerve racking to publish your first draft of a story and then to allow other writers to come and comment. I hope you find its a valuable exercise and continue to enter each week.

    Although short, your entry demonstrates you have a clear idea of your plot and the twist you want to include. I’d enjoy seeing this fleshed out ( so to say!) and for you to tease the reader a little more with description.

    I apologize for being late this week – I like to post my comments immediately on a Friday normally.

    My entry for this week can be found here –

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