Horses and Herons

Where Now? she thinks to herself.  She finds herself shivering behind some dumpster in some unknown place that is crawling with rats and the lost ones.  She looks down at her arms and sees long scars, she thinks they are called “tracks” but she’s not sure.  And she remembers something about a horse.  Did she have a horse in her life before this one? No matter, someone is approaching, Who now? she mumbles.  Before her stands a lanky teenager, he says he’s her friend, but she does not remember him at all.  He says if she follows him he will take her to see the Herons, those are birds, aren’t they?  She follows him and watches him do some bizarre ritual involving a spoon filled with something, and he lights the spoon and fills a needle and syringe, within minutes he is filling her veins with this substance that sounds like a bird.  When Now, will she remember who she is, or was, as the drug takes her to a higher realm,  suspending her somewhere between life and death.


2 Responses to “Horses and Herons”

  1. Somehow it is scary. As a teacher, I try telling my student not to go in for drugs.

    get that card for me

  2. illyriataylor Says:

    thanx G, this is not a drug I ever did, please keep teaching those kids the evils of drugs.

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