All is Fair in Love and War

(this is dedicated to the members we have lost on this site)

They say “all is fair in Love and War”, and they say “turn the other cheek” and they say “sometimes the end is worth the means”.

I have heard these statements all of my life and I don’t know that I agree with any of them.

For what is it WORTH, I lost song in this last war, a member would sing to me when he wrote and he is now a casualty.

Through all of the muddy BROWNN and red gore left on the battlefield, I lost a friend that introduced me to worlds I didn’t know existed, and this world will be the less for her loss.

The casualties in this war are ABSOLUTELY beyond my ability to fathom, it is funny that many of my friends were enemies, I was the only thing they had in common, and now they are all shadows.

I will count my blessings tonight, and cherish my friends, capture their memory and preserve it on paper, and maybe learn from the mistakes of man, but then I was born of man, and fall prey to the same evils;

so goodnight to those soldiers keeping the night watch, I hear the CRICKETs chirping, and it is time for me to put down pen and seek the land of dreams.


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