The Offering

The High Priestess was restless on this night of Samhain, waiting for the offering to arrive.  The offering that had been nurtured and sequestored for 18 long years.  Tonight would be the night, tonight the Master would accept her offering, and she would become his new bride.

She heard the familiar jangle of a horse drawn carriage coming up the secluded drive, the offering had arrived!   The girl was hustled into the altar room, covered head to toe in a white cloak to signify her virginity,  the drugs had taken the effect that was necessary for her to submit to the ritual.

The maiden was placed on the black draped altar, the chants and the ceremonies of the ritual were completed to perfection, the time was now to plunge the dagger into her virgin heart , calling forth the Prince of Darkness.

As the blade found it’s target the High Priestess realized the mistake too late and began screaming as her beautiful form began to melt into decay and rot.

The head coachman heard the screams and ran in to aid,  only to find his mistress cowering under the alter, a desicated creature that belonged in a tomb, the tomb she crawled out of 20o years ago.

  It was when he looked up and saw his beloved  Sybil on the altar, dead from a stab wound to the heart, that he knelt down and cried.  He knew that she was to be preserved, but they had loved each other so, it was impossible not to stop the carriage before reaching the castle to share in the joys of intimacy, as reckless as it was passionate.

 Looking through his tear filled eyes, he saw the blood of her virginity still on his hands, the blood from her heart sheets of red rain on the altar, and his heartache was more than he could bear.  He removed the dagger from Sybil’s dead heart and plunged it into his own, the High Priestess would have to find another minion to do her bidding, after 200 years he could go on no more.


4 Responses to “The Offering”

  1. Nicely written – lots of tension and momentum.

  2. This flowed really well and was tight, emotional and, well, creepy. But creepy in a good way.

  3. thanx, I was having a difficult time with this

  4. Interesting one

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