I was born a child of Fire, my daughter a child of Air, and for 15 years we raged at each other, her winds fueled my fire and when she tired of it she would blow away, leaving me to smolder, when my fire was all but out she would gust at it again, leaving me to burn the dry timbers and weeds while she raced to the clouds.

It was only on a recent Summer’s eve, sitting under an ancient avocado tree, the air carrying the scent of oleanders and sea spray and endless Summer nights, that I realized that my child of air had nothing to learn from me, it was I that needed to be taught.

She carries the memory of all life within her, she bore witness to the expansion of the universe and brought life to this planet, she carried the scent of the migration of Mastodons to our hunting cave dwelling ancestors, the stench of defeat across battlefields to the forlorn, the odor of death to the bereaved, the scent of Winter to the pioneers, the fragrance of Spring to the hybernating animals of the forests, the acridness of searing heat to the desert dwellers, the bouquet of harvest to the gatherers, the scent of seasons past and seasons to come.

My child of Air has within herself the history of all the ages, and unlike most of us she has not forgotten anything that came before, and knows all that will be, as she is Air she travels into Tomorrow long before mankind has awoken to Today, and is both a force of change and a quiet observer of this little rock we call home.

It is from her that history will be remembered, for the winds of change are hers to command, and when there is little left of this world, she will breathe life once more to the children of this savage new garden.

I look at my Child of Air and I am in awe, for she walks barefoot on the frozen earth, she is as a dolphin in the waters, she glides through fire with nary a blister, she is a part of every element , yet as Air she carries the scent of our futures with every step that she takes; may she walk long, and her winds travel far.


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