Her eyes blazed neon green with envy when she discovered another of her mate’s infidelities.

“Oh what whore have you seduced now you cowering fool” she screamed as her jealousy became a thing unto itself, “you know I’ll have my revenge, I always do, I kill all of your illegitimate offspring, if not their mothers as well, at the least I make them homicidal maniacs, and you probably weren’t even brave enough to show your true form, what was it this time, another Cuckoo bird, a feather, a Swan?”

“And that is why I do it my Queen, it is the only time you show me the slightest bit of interest, and you know you are the most beautiful woman on earth and the heavens, why do you let it bother you so, and by the way, I think you’ll find this next offspring a bit of a surprise, you see it is a daughter, my first, and yes, it was a Swan” he casually stated as he stroked his beard, a vain attempt to masquerade his triumphant smile.

With that she stormed from her throne, her jealousy was consuming her, this monster that had plucked the eyes from seers, this envious beast that would not be slighted by the simplest of mistakes, a girl with hair too beautiful found snakes where there used to be golden locks, a betraying servant now nothing more than an echo of her former self, this covetous entity that transformed the eyeballs of a turncoat into the feathers of her favorite bird, a form even her husband the King wouldn’t dare to assume.

And so her jealousy cursed the woman whose face would launch a thousand ships,this bastard daughter of His, cursed her ridiculous doe eyed admirer for daring to say that She was not the most beautiful woman among the three, cursed an entire kingdom of gold into nothing more than myth and legend, as she herself was soon to be ages and ages away.

For she was Hera, Goddess of Marriage and Women, and as she gently stroked the back of her beloved peacock she said to herself “then so be it, all woman who marry will have the curse of jealousy as I have, and all of their men will be deserving of it, after all what’s good for the peacock is good for the swan” and with that, she leaned her head back and laughed while Zues flew away on the wings of a dove.


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