Angels be Damned

In the arms of an angel she believed she was carried her whole life. Beauty and wealth and good fortune followed her with every step she took, every breath she inhaled, every smile for a stranger.  She gave thanks to this unknown guardian when she remembered, and went to church every Sunday.    It was only when she saw her first born child, age 13 and full of everything that would be the future, carried off in the arms of an angel that she realized there is always a price for good fortune, and angels be damned.


4 Responses to “Angels be Damned”

  1. So true in life, you did an excellent job expressing how everything we hold dear comes with a price. FANTASTIC read.

  2. neospooky Says:

    Very nice dichotomy. It casts the angels as messengers, not protectors. They give and take, misunderstood by our earthbound minds, and suffer our scorn when they harm us.

  3. very nice post..

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