A Skeptic’s Newspaper Article.

A Skeptic’s Newspaper Article, byline by Alisa Haller “Animal Control Officer found mauled to death” After the recent dangling bits of “el Chupacabra” inferences and sightings, an Animal Control Officer for Floyd County was called out on another rash of barking dogs. When the Officer did not return to the station, Officer Taylor went out to the last known location of her partner and discovered her dead mauled body on the side of the highway. Per Officer Taylor, the deceased officer was torn apart as if by a raving lunatic, which closely resembles a Chupacabra attack. The reporter of this interview could not help but notice that Officer Taylor had turkey giblets around her uniform collar, and what looked to be shards of bone and gristle in her teeth, and her lips were a stunning shade of pink. As of now there are no leads in this case. If you have any information please call the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department, and dear citizens, do stay in at night. Alisa Haller, Jr Reporter


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