Yours to command

She was taught to always obey her vicious and abusive mother, so when she was told to leave and never return she did so with nary a look back.  When the old and bitter woman realized that the daughter she cast out gave birth to her only grandchild, she begged forgiveness and got no response.  As the cast out daughter looked upon her withering  mother, dying alone in a hospital room, the vindicated cast away whispered into her ear “Karma is a bitch, isn’t it mother?”


8 Responses to “Yours to command”

  1. Life in general can be a bitch….

  2. Yowza. Karma is a biach.

  3. Hmm… sad but true! right?

  4. What goes around comes around! That was a bitter little tale.

  5. Brutal. Well written!

  6. Angst well written

  7. The daughter said the right thing!

    flames of karma

  8. Very effective write, the vengence clearly showed in words.

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