Not Again

My heart aches and a drowsey numbness pains my senses.  I search through squinted eyes and see the usual. An IV drip, a lone chair, a curtain around the bed, I’m in a hospital again. This time it was supposed to work, I slit my wrists this time, no more relying on overdoses or missed shots. Will these people never give up?


8 Responses to “Not Again”

  1. Yes, will they ever give up indeed. Very well done.

  2. Nice page and nice writings I like your style and look forward to reading you again. I’ll say a little prayer for you. I know times are tough been there done that use to be in the hospital quite often.
    Hope you feel better soon..

    Larry Moon

    This Blog Of Mine\

  3. this person is in a place I have never been and do not understand. My heart aches for the lost soul in that body. I have never wanted to off myself but I have thought that if one really wants too, a gun would be a better solution.
    This poem could have also been named “the bitter half”.
    I like it, It jars me. It casues me to ponder. nice writing.
    I do not mean to rewrite your work but bitter is wandering through my brain.

  4. Its so tough to give up on one who has given up so easily…nice write.

  5. I’ve so been there. Several times. It’s a hard place to be. You’ve captured it well with your words.

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