As he fondled my left breast with his sumptuous hands I kicked him in the groin.  He had to be taken to the emergency room to have surgery on his twisted testicle.  For the record, he’s telling everyone it’s a spleen injury, and I can only giggle when I hear that.

Fondle,Kick, Sumptuous


13 Responses to “Consequences”

  1. Well, I think she sent him a clear message…lol. Very unique use of the word prompts!

  2. Ouch !

  3. That’s a hoot!! Except for the “Ouch!!” factor!!!

  4. Love. It. This is right up my twisted alley. BRavo.

  5. Crikey! Sure am glad he didn’t grab your right breast…

  6. wow. I knew a guy once that had this. he hadn’t been kicked, though somehow it still happened. it was terrible then. but now its hilarious.

  7. That was a mean one!

  8. I come a whole week late for 3WW (!)


    Why were his hands sumptuous? I am imagining a surgeon, or a concert violinist. Someone with precious, valuable, magnificent hands…

    Anyway, this is fun piece.

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