This Old Tree of Mine; On the Wings of a Dove version 2

Patience was waiting for me this morning to come outside for my first cigarette of the day, which for me is early afternoon.

When I did she showed me 3 ringnecked doves perched in her upper branches, and I watched them all fly back and forth across to my neighbor’s trees and then back to mine.

I could not clearly identify the double rings that marks Prince, or the freckle that identifies Penelope, but there are now three birds where before I believed there were only two.

Maybe the Christmas red blood still in the snow does not belong to my dove, maybe it belongs to the other dove’s mate, and I selfishly pray that it is.

But my prayers do not change the fact that a creature of god lost a mate the other day, and so the sight of three birds is a mixed blessing, as most blessings are.

And so, just as Noah did so long ago, I will pin my hopes on the Wings of a Dove, not for an olive branch, but for the sight of a black freckle.

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