Fairy Tales

Ideal vs Real

Treasure vs Measure

Our scales teeter and collapse under the weight of our fantasies.

Sleeping Beauty still sleeps and Rapunzel stays imprisoned in her tower, Snow White still waits for Prince Charming in her coffin of  glass, and Cinderella died from lung disease.  The happy endings ; nothing more than a figmant of the ideal by which we measure the value of our lives, always teetering on the “what ifs” that never come.


15 Responses to “Fairy Tales”

  1. Gritty use of fairy tale characters.

  2. Cl;ever use of the prompt.

    Sorry to hear about Cinderella!

  3. Reality always stomps on fantasy, doesn’t it? I enjoyed your take on this prompt!

  4. I wish I could put something together like this when I was wide awake, let alone half-asleep and dead tired.
    I think you have hit the truth of fantasy – that is all it will ever be. People live and die, we all move on. Happy endings are rarely true.

  5. Yeah, but that one about the princess kissing the frog – that was true, wasn’t it?

  6. illyriataylor Says:

    Yes, but they didn’t mention that the frog was the poisonous kind. She died in his arms if that makes you happy

  7. There is a bright side – Snow White is still shacked up with the 7 dwarfs…

  8. Great work, it peels the sugar coating away. It reminds me of the much darker original Hans Christian Andersen version of “The Little Mermaid” before it became Disney-fied.

  9. Oh No … not Cinderella

    great piece…. funny:) – love the line – “Our scales teeter and collapse under the weight of our fantasies.”

    I am guilty of still looking for happy endings:)

  10. curled up in a fetal position in the corner now. I have this picture of Snow White stuck in my head. She is clawing on the glass top of her coffin, screaming as she uses up the remaining oxygen….

  11. Yes, the secret ending to all fairy tales. What we would find out should they be interviewed by Barbara Walters! A great use of the 3ww! 🙂

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