Sing for me, Again


Many years ago my friend Tina gave me a keychain that resembles a medicine ball, she gave it to me because she knows I like prismatic colors, and this small steel orb shines the colors of oil on wet pavement, all of the colors of the rainbow flow and ebb over it’s surface and it reminds me of the reflections of light on the waters of the oceans of my youth.

It began singing to me three days after she gave it me, the song it sings is the sound of distant church bells, soft yet strong, high but deep, an unexpected surprise from a simple keychain, years later Tina told me that it was meant to do that but it wouldn’t sing for her and somehow she knew it would sing for me, and it has been singing for twelve years now.

It stopped singing to me in November of last year, there was just too much pain and loss and stress, so much negative energy in my life that I barely noted it’s passing, and four days ago my elderly father was rushed in for emergency surgery that I was told he would not survive.

As I watched my child cry hysterically I held strong for her, grandpa has been her best friend from the moment she was born, and I could not let her see my fear, I could not allow myself to think of anything beyond the next minute.

My father was moved out of ICU two days ago and will be home this weekend, whatever fears we had will have to wait a few more years now, the men in my family are a tough breed to beat down, and the woman are even tougher.

In my frantic rush to get to work this morning, to get the errands done before the phone started ringing and the demands began demanding I heard a familiar but faint sound; my little metal orb started singing again, gently reminding me that the universe knows my song, if only I have the ears to listen.


One Response to “Sing for me, Again”

  1. the universe will always sing for you, because you take the time to listen.

    more people should follow your lead.

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