What is it you find so amusing, my dear?” my soon to be widowed husband asked as he severed another finger from my right hand.  He had me bound up pretty well with the duct tape and tow chains, I took my sleeping pills alittle too early last night it seems.  I let out another carousing bar room laugh as he started his work on my feet.  This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home…I just couldn’t stop laughing.  At one point he mistook my tears of hilarity for remorse and pain and punctuated each chopping with a “and this is for being a cheating whore” and “this is for spending all of my retirement” and blah blah blah.  “Seriously, what is it that’s so goddamned funny you bitch?!”  he screamed as my left leg was axed off at the knee.  “Oh Sweetheart” I purred as venom dripped from my tongue, “you never met my mother, did you?  They call her “Hydra” in the old country” and I laughed all the more when my newly sprouted selves began their feast on his screaming mortal flesh.


5 Responses to “Lineage”

  1. Image&VerseToo Says:

    Quite intense, sounds like a relationship to die for.

    In your picture you look very much like a Patrick Nagel model…

    So Amusing

  2. I’m sure I once met a relative of yours.

  3. loved the impact of the line “my soon to be widowed husband”… it hints at the twist to come..

  4. What it takes to get a-head in life, I will never know.

    Seriously fun read, loved it!!

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