Beauty Beyond Compare

He stands in silhouette under the lamppost in Jackson’s Square, I stood in the shadows as he made his entrance, commanding attention by all, his grand stride and tall stature demanding nothing less.

His long dark tresses snared me a year ago today, they tease me as they wave at me in the wind, and I venture forth from the shadows into his light, if he has aged at all in the past year there is no trace, if nothing he shines more brightly, and I am blinded to any Grace that came before this fall.

He gives me a strong hug and I struggle for the words that usually fall from my tongue like diamonds on silk, but I come up empty, I can only see that face, that hair, all intelligence escapes me and I lose my chance to run my fingers through that treasure that can never be mine.

I move on but turn back as he shouts “Nice hat!” and I absently play with the fronds of the ostrich feather that caught his attention, telling myself that maybe next time, maybe next year…

Who am I kidding?

I have always gone weak at the sight of Beauty, and he is Beauty Beyond Compare.

(For Beauty, Mardi Gras 2010)


2 Responses to “Beauty Beyond Compare”

  1. Totally awesome, I loved it and would love to write as you do. You have an awesome style that teases mine. If you haven’t noticed, I visit here often just to see what I can learn.
    “This Blog Of Mine”

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