This Old Tree of Mine; A Wing and a Prayer

We are each the love of someone’s life.

Prince, my ring necked dove, has proven this for many months now.

Everyday he waits on Patience’s branch, sometimes for hours, waiting for Penelope to return.

The other pair of doves flew off long ago, leaving me with shattered hopes that my pair were still as one, but by Nature’s way they still are, as birds mate for life.

Seeing him today, I think to myself again that Nature is too Cruel, but I see him and know that he has no sense of that cruelty, he believes that the bright red blood on the blinding white snow will rise up again so that they can begin making their new Spring nest.

If I have any prayers left, I pray that a Hawk finds him soon to end my own misery if not his, and that if I can trade memory for wings, well, then all of my tomorrows will be a beautiful day, and my yesterdays nothing more than the breath of a forgotten wind.


3 Responses to “This Old Tree of Mine; A Wing and a Prayer”

  1. another way of saying: be still my beating heart?

    this was great. I love the twist that the prince is waiting, not the other way ’round.

  2. this is so sad and loving. nature can teach a lot.
    how wonderful it would be if a human’s love could be so deep

  3. This just tore my heart out.

    I know it is simple and harsh

    but in this instance
    it is poetry

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