A Tail of Devotion


It was a struggle for Ed to make his way to the railroad tracks every day, parts of him ached and something bluish clouded his sight. If he knew he was well over 13 years old, long for a labrador, he had no concept. His once rich chocolate colored fur was now a dullish brown, the color found often in abandoned homes where dust has settled from years of neglect, there were bald patches on him where fur could no longer grow.

Ed only knew instinctually from the blood of his ancestors that it was time to go off and lay down. So he limped to the place he’d come to for so long, a place that held the scent of something he loved, something that was his duty to protect, something he was waiting for. He found the now colorless tennis shoe in the same place next to the wood smell, all faded after 6 long years. He nudged the shoe with his nose, still smelling something familiar, knelt down, and closed his murky eyes.


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