The wait was finally over, the man inside the cabin thought to himself. It had been over six years coming he reckoned since he took that little boy with the blue tennis shoe from the old rail road. Bunch of damn stoned teenagers found the dead dog next to the blue shoe and one called his pappy cuz he was ascared. The man in the cabin had been hearing the ruckus for weeks, law men and hound dogs sniffin around. Just a matter of time he knew. If he was axed, he couldn’t tell anyone why he did what he did to that boy, didn’t even know the kid’s name. He knew the dog’s name though, the kid kept yelling for his dog to come help him, but old “Ed” never came, at least not in time.

“Open Up! Police!” the man heard them lawmen shout as they was poundin on his door.

What happened between me and that kid is God’s reckonin, not mine, the man in the cabin thought to himself just before he pulled the trigger and blew his brains all over the crime scene.

The headlines read the next day; MISSING BOY’S REMAINS FOUND AFTER 7 YEARS.

The obituaries read “Funeral services for Daniel McCullin will be held on Thursday at the Baptist Church on Bethesda, he will be interred at Shady Glen Cemetary with his faithful companion, Ed.”

When the reporter asked Mrs. McCullin why she was burying her child with the remains of a dog’s body she said “When the dog didn’t come home one night a year ago we figured he went off to die, and to be with our Danny, And he did just that, didn’t he?” The interview was terminated as Mrs. McCullin was inconsolable.


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