Mother’s Day


The stoned teenagers were stumbling along the old railroad tracks, it was well after dusk and they knew it was time to start sobering up. Tommy was especially worried since his Dad was the town’s Sheriff, but they continued on laughing and falling, passing the joint between them.

“Oh Shit!” Tommy screamed as he smashed into something by the tracks and fell on his backside. The other boys laughed and shined their flashlights on Tommy. “Dude, you stepped on a dead dog” one of the teenagers said in his best grossed-out voice.

Tommy got up and dusted his butt off and took a closer look. There wasn’t much left of the dog, Time, scavengers, and the elements had picked the carcass clean, all that remained were the skeletal parts, Tommy had stepped into the dog’s ribcage. Then Tommy noticed the faded blue tennis shoe by the dog and his stoned mind tried to focus, this was familiar somehow. “Hey guys, I think this belongs to that little kid that went missing way back when we were in elementary school,” Tommy declared. “Yeh, we used to play with that kid, Donny? Davie? No, DANNY! That’s his name” the taller of the boys exclaimed.

“Guys, you’d better head on home, I gotta call my Dad about this, stoned or not” and with that the teenagers took off, leaving Tommy behind.

When Tommy’s Dad and the rest of the force had searched the cabin in the woods they found Danny’s jeans and T-shirt and the other blue shoe. In the back pocket of the jeans was a sealed envelope that had “MOM” scribbled on the front. Tommy’s Dad opened the envelope, the hand made card inside said “Happy Mother’s Day Mom, you’re the best Mom a guy could have, Luv Danny and Ed”, Danny had even drawn a stick figured picture of a Mom holding a boy’s hand with a stick figure dog next to the figure of the boy.

“Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, I can’t give this to Norma, Oh Jesus Oh Jesus” the Sheriff repeated like a mantra.

Sheriff Gunter did give the card to Norma McCullin on Mother’s Day the year after she had buried her son, Norma McCullin told him that it was the second best thing she could have received on Mother’s Day.


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