Mountain Man

Jeremiah Freeman had been an outcast all of his life. He was raised with his little sister Emily in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania. Pappy took a liken to Emily, Jeremiah could still hear her screams in his head if he thought about it, Em got the hell out of there when she was 14, and Jeremiah never heard from her again.

After Em left, Pappy took his anger out on Ma, he’d beat her senseless most nights. Jeremiah made the mistake of tryin to break up one of the fights and Pappy smacked him in the head with a 2X4, and after that Jeremiah couldn’t think right all the time.

He weren’t no good in school anyways, so he took to huntin and fishin and livin off the land insteada schoolin, and after Ma was killed it was just him and Pappy livin in the old run down cabin. Pappy got drunk one night (well every night) and tried to wail on Jeremiah like he were still some small boy that couldn’t fight back, and Jeremiah stabbed his Pappy with a pitch fork. He buried Pap next to Ma, out behind the cabin.

When Jeremiah was all by hisself life settled inta somethin close ta nice, then they done fixed the old train track about 5 miles out and when the trains came by Jeremiah had to cover his ears, it hurt his head where he got popped by the 2X4.

Jeremiah was out one mornin tryin ta break those tracks up so the trains with the hurtin noise wouldn’t bother him none anymore when a little kid in blue sneakers came runnin up the tracks at full speed. The kid was hollering “Come on Ed, keep up” and it hurt his ears like the black trains so he grabbed the kid and…

see now, can’t even member most stuff these days.

Jeremiah sits in his rocking chair in the old family cabin with a loaded shotgun next to him, he’s expecting company.

(Author’s note: this is 5th in a series I started on Mon: Man’s best friend, Headlines, A tail of devotion, and Mother’s day, and the 6th? have to wait and see!)


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