Stay of Execution

A prisoner posted bail and was released, giving another inmate a second chance. Most of the prisoners that enter these doors end up on death row, each day that goes by the jailer wonders if one of the inmates she has grown fond of will be executed, it’s all about overcrowded cells, any minute the order may come in to terminate a life.

She is not only the jailer but the executioner as well, she is also the judge and the jury. If one is found guilty the inmate is immediately walked down the hall of death row and is silently killed by lethal injection. Those are easier somehow, there is the feeling of Justice. But those that are just too old, or have taken up space for too long, there is no feeling of anything Just. Just pain and defeat.

And she can’t help but wonder if death might be preferable to life in a cement cell, as she looks into the eyes of the death row inmates, blue eyes, brown eyes, even some green, eyes that plead silently to her for this to end, for her to help them.

She enters the cell of the inmate who was given a second chance today because another posted bail, she leans down and runs her fingers through his hair, sits down and gives him a hug, she rests her head on his shoulders and cries for him, because she knows tomorrow is another day and the chances aren’t good. The inmate senses her relief and sorrow, and licks her face, thumps his tail on the ground, his big brown eyes sparkle, he is just a dog, and for now, he is happy.

As she leaves, the blonde mutt stands up and puts his paws on the cell bars, wags his tail and barks to her once as she turns the corner. The lights go off and his tail stops wagging, the sparkle leaves his eyes, and he lays down on the cold cement to sleep. He closes his eyes and dreams of chasing rabbits in green fields


Comment by alisa rynay haller on April 30, 2010 at 8:01amDelete Comment

Oh Ed, you brought a tear to my eye. Thankyou my friend


Comment by Edward Dean on April 29, 2010 at 8:22pm
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A parallel equation of marvelous emotion. I’m truly speechless.
I will never argue with someone that can give me a new perspective. That is what a real writer does.
May I “dream of chasing rabbits in green fields”
Kudos to the nth degree on this Alisa!
Comment by D.B. Dean on April 29, 2010 at 3:48pm
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you ladies have a hard job…well written…

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