Siren Song

Deep in the woods beyond Campanella Point, a young woman shivers from both sorrow and fear. The Queen had taken her own life after breaking her most diligent rule: Never fall in Love. After her death the order of women tried to go on, but the Queen’s death took the heart out of it, or maybe each member realized that if the Queen could succumb to Love then they, too, would lose their own hearts given enough time. None could bear the thought, they saw how their beloved Queen wailed and pulled her hair, how she would sing no more, and a decision was made. The sisterhood decided that it was better to die freely than in agony, and the date was set, on the next Full Moon they would sacrifice themselves together as one, and leave this Time to poets and Legend.

Now from her hiding place in the woods she can hear her sisters’ quiet sojourn to the cliffs overlooking the sea, one sister throws her flute into the crashing waves, another her lyre, and now she hears their screams as they commit to death in Poseidon’s Kingdom, and then her world is full of Silence.

She leaves the shelter of the woods and goes to the cliff, she believed she was too young to die so she ran away and hid, but as she looks over the cliff she realizes that she was foolish, she should have joined her sisters, she is what she is and has no idea how she will survive now, everything she knew was gone.

In her grief she opens her mouth and vocal chords to Sing once again, and isn’t surprised when no tune or word escapes, her gift of Song had died with her sisters. She closes her mouth and wipes the tears from her face, they taste of Salt and Water. Salt and Water, forever Salt and Water. That will be her punishment for being a coward, instead of dying in Salt and Water she will now live forever with Them both. Through her tears she looks to the radiant moon, looks back to the sea below and shakes her head once, “The Moon was the only witness” she whispers to the wind as she heads back to the forest.

The Wind carries her words over the ocean air to the ports and ships and seafarers, to any and all whose life rests on Salt and Water. Those that listen to the Wind begin to sing in joy, and the Wind carries these songs all through the Night so that when Dawn arrives the world is united in Song. It sings the End of the Siren Song


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