Song of our Ancestors

The beautiful woman with eyes the color of an ocean storm and hair the color of the sun glinting off the water stood on the edge of the cliff and raised her head to smell the ocean air. The wind played with her long curly tresses while whispering “remember” in her ears like a lover’s stolen kiss.

She was dressed in a long flowing dress the color of seasons, her dress and her beauty appeared timeless, it was her Mercedes Benz that gave her Time away.

She had started this journey so many years ago when her grandpapa told her stories of her heritage, he swore to the blue moon that his great great (she loses count after 2) grandpapa had been saved by a Siren, a mythical order of women that sang songs of such beauty that men would ground their boats ashore just to see the women, their Song was that powerful. Grandpapa said that the siren had left her newborn daughter with him, and he raised it like his own, and that daughter had a daughter herself.

Before she was old enough to really travel she began this journey in libraries and the internet, her world immersed in Greek Mythology. She knew her grandpapa had to be wrong, the legend said that after The Siren Queen lost Odyssues she took her own life, and her maidens had done the same thing shortly after. It was even said that the very brilliant white rocks she is seeing below her are bodies of the sirens, trapped forever in stone, the legend says there were no survivors, but as she breathes the air and smells the forest and listens to the waves pound against the rocks she knows there is something missing.

She closes her eyes and empties herself of the Here and Now, and travels back in Time, it is one of many gifts she possesses, and when she opens her eyes she can see a shimmer of the White Temple that stood here a thousand years ago, she can hear women laugh and men groan with pleasure. Her eyes focus on the Here and Now and finds what had been evading her.

Her sumptous mouth opens wide and from somewhere deep in her soul she hears the voice of her ancestor, and without hesitation the Siren Song errupts from her mouth like a symphony of everything loved, everything pained, everything lost and everything gained. Her voice reaches the heavens and the angels begin to weep at the beauty of it. The soft rain pours over her gently as if It had been waiting for her, the rain showers her with radiance and she begins to sofly cry tears of Salt and Water.


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