The Song of Life

She had traveled far since the death of her Queen and sisters. She heard the villagers say things like “Winter” “Ice” “Snow”, all words that were foreign to her, she had only known warmth and sunshine in the land of the Sirens, but she was now an exile, and so she traveled.

Her stomach was large and she knew instinctually that it was time to hide and birth this child. She did not know that it was possible for her to give life, her and her sisters had been intimate with thousands of seafarers and none of the girls had ever felt life in their wombs, but then Odyssues and his men arrived.

They stayed longer than was usually allowed because the Queen favored the King of Ithica, and so her and her sisters spent much more time bedding the crew, maybe that is why she became pregnant. She never questioned how the Sirens came to be, she remembers nothing of being a baby, there were no babies in the kingdom, surely her sisters and her had come from somewhere. The Queen would know the answers but she took her knowledge to the bottom of the sea.

Her labor intensified and she screamed in pain as the contractions continued. What was she birthing? A monster? a creature that was half mortal and half immortal? The gods favored half breeds, perhaps her child would be blessed. She bore down once more and the child came into the world covered in blood and fluid. Whatever pain she had felt before she forgot instantly at the sight of her newborn girl child.

Overcome with a feeling she had never known before she picked up the baby and held her in her arms. The child’s beauty was breathtaking, and it brought tears of Salt and Water to her eyes, “So this is Love” she says to the wind, and the wind sighs in agreement.

The baby opens her mouth to cry and the Siren Song emerges,loud and strong. In that instant the Mother’s heart turns to Ice


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