Wings or a Song


alisa rynay haller

Nothing else mattered to her, the Queen thought to herself, nothing else but Him. Him. He a legendary hero that was going home after a decade long battle in a city of gold because of a golden haired woman, a woman whose face had launched a thousand ships.

What nonsense she thinks, not only had she called men to her for eons with never a refusal she had also sunk more than a thousand ships, surely that was true beauty. She herself called to Him, and He came. He came and He stayed, oh why did she let Him stay? Why didn’t she kill Him like all of the others? What was so special about Him?

Queen Partenope knows the answer, He was special because He loved another woman deeply, and his love radiated outward from every word He spoke, every movement He made, his very essence was this forbidden thing called Love. She told herself and her maidens to never fall in love, it was not the Siren’s way, but before she knew it she could not let Him go. She now understands more than ever why that rule was so important, a victim of love was forever a slave and only a half of their former selves.

She had sent Him on his way so He could reunite with his beloved Penelope, the resemblance of his wife’s name to hers did not escape her attention. What did escape her attention was that her life after Him would never be the same, that she would never sing the Siren Song to another seafarer because her Song left with Him, that somehow she wouldn’t know which pained her more, the loss of her Song or the loss of her Wings.

“I end this today” she says as she leaves the Queen’s chamber. She walks outside to the cliffs and tries to fly, but her wings are long gone, and she crashes into the Sea.


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