Ode to Quin Brownn

A Year Ago Today, I accidentally on purpose killed a woman’s beloved pet, and against all odds we became fast friends. She is a gypsy, I must have roots, and somehow we always renew a friendship that was born of tragedy. I knew my life was empty, I was lost on The Island of The Misfit Pets, and she had always been an out-of-the closet writer, and she told me it was time to get my butt out of the closet and off of the island, so she encouraged me to check out a site called “6S” and somehow I was given the key to every door. She then forced me to create some sort of computer thing called “a blog” and I discovered a thing called “emails”. Whatever these things were or are, they have filled a hole in my life, suddenly I was back in college with my whole future ahead of me. I once again had a Dean, I got an MB in friendship, and for what it’s Worth, I could hear the Crickets sing again at night, and I discovered that Clay can be molded into beautiful works of art instead of just a thing that must be shoveled when burying the dead. I brought my newfound life to work, and now I wish I had a Nickel for everytime fingers hit the keyboard, I’d be a rich woman indeed. And I could try to play this game forever and include all of my friends in funny little quips but I just don’t have the time, because in truth, I am a rich woman, for all of the friends I have made (sounds Cheezyum abit, I know.)

Love you Quin Brownn, more than these fingers can ever type.

&nbMember’s Pick, Friday: (1) key, and (2) empty

Rule: Pick someone from the past (famous, fictional, or personal) that had an impact on you and somehow incorporate them into your flash (in addition to using the above words).


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