If You Knew My Name (canvas challenge)

 If you knew my name you might think of me differently.

If you knew my name you might see me differently.

If you knew my name you might understand me differently.

But nobody ever asks.

Sometimes you give me money, even though I don’t ask for any, more often than not you cross to the other side of the street to avoid me, or you pretend that I’m not here. Seems to me that for the most part, you are all pretty stereotypical. If you are right of center you shield your children’s faces as you cross the street, you probably think I chose this life because of an addiction to bottle or drugs, just another homeless bum, and you will try to remember to pray for my lost soul. If you are left of center you might think I am a veteran of a war nobody wants to admit to, or that I have a mental disability and there was just no more room at the Inn, and you will pray for my soul. If you are centered you just see me as part of the scenery, the necessary ugly to enhance the beauty of this world, and you will thank your God for your fortunes.

Whoever you are, you have my permission to draw whatever conclusions about my life that you will, for in truth, maybe I am just the moral compass you navigate your own life by. Maybe that’s not so bad a job.

And you know my name anyway, don’t you?

Yes, my name is your name, one bad turn down the road.


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