And Now Just for Fun Ed (4.5)

Ed Dean almost fell over the barstool as he caught eye of the gentleman leaving Here.

“Was that..?”

“Ssshh Ed, Now is not the time” I replied. “And what took you so damn long?” I’ve been laughing for hours over your newest blog post.”

“Well Ah-Coral” (he could never remember the rules in this damn place)” I was busy with work and the lady love, this was the first chance I had to drop in. So what did you want to tell me?”

“Not tell you, SHOW you” I replied as I walked over to the bookshelves. I reached until I found something hidden, pushed, and the shelves split open to reveal more books. There it was.

“Here you go Mr. Dean” I said with a cat that ate the canary smile on my face.

“Don’t tell me” Ed laughed “another first edition?”

We both grinned as he opened up the book and read the inscription inside; ” To My Darling Virginia, love, John S- 1940″.

“Virginia?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, well…” I replied with the same raised eyebrow and then we both laughed again.

” Is our argument over The Grapes of Wrath finished yet? I looked at him with as much seriousness as I could muster.

“It is now.” Shaking his head he returned the book and walked right out of Here.



“Nanc I’m home!” Ed yelled when he walked through the front door.

“I’m in the kitchen” Nanc responded “Oh and a package arrived for you today.”

Ed walked over to the package and unwrapped the book inside. It was titled “The House of Stone and Glass”.

He opened the book and read the inscription inside; “To my dear friend Ed, for all you’ve done for me, Alisa Rynay Haller-“.

“I’ll be damned” Ed said under his breath. He dropped the book back onto the table, there was nothing to read yet, the rest of the pages were blank. He told himself he would check every 5 years or so to see if the words appeared, and went into the kitchen to give his lady love a kiss and a hug.



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