Under (3)

The barmaid looked up from the counter and a smile spread across her face. Again, the man she called “cowboy” followed her gaze across the twilight and was surprised to see a man crossing over the bridge. The new gentleman entered the tavern with a flourish, all smiles and his arms opened wide.

“Coral my lady, I’ve done it by jove I’ve done it!” the man shouted in a British accent.

“Oh Herb it is so good to see you again” Coral said as she leapt over the bar and gave the man a big hug.

The Cowboy couldn’t get a word in edgewise, he wanted to ask either “Herb” or “Coral” why the old guy looked like he just walked out of a movie set circa 1900, but the two just kept chatting away.

“I’ve done it Coral, I’ve really done it this time”

“I know Herb, you’ve told me this hundreds of times, why can you never remember?” She didn’t sound angry.

The two continued their conversation for ages and with as much aplomb as he entered, Herb left and went back over the bridge into the desert night.

Coral was still wiping tears from her eyes from laughing too hard when he demanded an answer.

“What the hell was THAT? “Coral!” he spit her name out like it was venom.

“It’s simple Cowboy” then she broke into laughter again.
He was getting very unnerved by her continuing laughter and screamed at her again “What!?”

Holding her stomach with her hand Coral said “that’s just water under the bridge, Cowboy, doesn’t concern you at all.”

Wiping the last of the tears from her eyes she went over to a bookcase against the far wall. She ran her index finger along spines until she pulled an old book out that had a sphynx on the cover. She opened the antique carefully and read the inscription written inside; ” To my Dear Coral, yours forever, Herbert G. Wells 1896″ she smiled and closed the book. The Cowboy looked over her shoulder and exclaimed “Holy shit is that a first edition of The Time Machine?”

“Yes it is Cowboy, like I said, water under the bridge.”

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