Over (5) Alternate Ending. Content Warning

*author’s note: Something told me yesterday that this challenge would go this way. It’s all about Karma if you believe in that sort of thing….I think I do.

Ed and I were pushing peanuts around the bar, he could tell I was waiting for something so he just kept me company. After awhile a slight tremor shook the building, we both closed our eyes for a minute, maybe out of habit or denial, either way the light bulbs dimmed and sizzled before returning to their original brightness, and lightening struck the hiway.

Reluctantly I pulled out Cowboy’s metal briefcase and popped it open. The date on the headline made it official, “August 16, 1977; The King Dies in Las Vegas Hotel Bathroom”. With a sigh I went over to the old sign and flipped it over to Closed, dropped my apron to the floor, and began to lock up.

“Elvis has left the building, huh?” Ed asked with pain in his eyes, he knew how hard these things were for me.

“Yep, we have to hurry, the dawn is coming and we have to get back over that bridge.”

True to my word, the oranges and yellows began appearing on the horizon, we had to get over it soon, it was already shimmering like a mirage. We almost made it, but Morning beat us to it.

I sank down on my knees “not again” I said as I shook my head.

“It’s Okay gal, I gotcha” and Ed lifted me up to my feet and we returned to the Tavern.

Laying on the bar was an old newspaper that wasn’t there when we left. I gazed at the headline in horror, I slid to the floor, a whiter shade of pale. Ed looked worried, he read the headline “..1943; the Fuhrer recruits SS officers for Concentration Camps..”.

“Alees, (he could only call me that when the building was unoccupied), it’s just WWII stuff, old news, get up.”

I did as I was told, I always did what I was told. Night had fallen again to this desert of secrets, the bridge was in full view.

“Ed, I have to go to Auschwitz for awhile, but I’ll be back” I said in monotone as I rummaged through an old walk in closet.

“Going to fight the good fight are you?” Ed said as lighthearted as he could, I could tell he was worried about the assumption he had made.

“Do me a favor my friend”, I had to look up to the ceiling to keep the tears from falling, “when I get back Here? Never remind me of this.”

I put on the military cap, uniform , black boots and the blazing red arm band with the black swastika boldly in the center, and walked over the bridge,disappearing into the twilight haze.

Ed looked back at the newspaper, the headline read “Sgt Haller smiles for the camera as first of Jews led from railcars to extermination camps…” Ed slid to the floor, a whiter shade of pale.


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