Back (6)

I was back Here, laying half naked on the bar with a blanket drapped over me, a note from Mr. Dean the only clue to my absence.

“Hey A, found you sleeping in your almost nothing’s again so I covered you up with an old blanket I found in the storeroom. Glad to have you back, Ed.”

Ed was always the gentleman, after all these years he still covers me up for fear that a traveler will find me and not be so gracious. I stretched out and jumped down, I looked through the window and day was giving way to night, the bridge was on it’s way. I put my waitress outfit on fast, recovered the apron where I dropped it on the floor after the King died, and flipped the sign over to Open.

The bridge wavered into view, company is coming is what it says to me, whether that is old company or new I never know. I only know that sometimes there is a new box or suitcase for me somewhere Here, my very own is under the cash register.

My box is from a wood that has been extinct from this planet for longer than even I can remember, the markings, etchings and symbols date back as far as the Pyramids of Before, to futures I don’t remember seeing, names and symbols that sometimes mean something to me, others not.

My fingers run over the carvings, I can feel hieroglyphics, Incan and Mayan symbols, svastika’s from religions around the world, mathematical equations, shapes of machines and tools (ahh, there is the Ipod), my fingers roam on. With a sigh I put the box back under the register, I can feel and surmise all I want, it is the only box I cannot open Here. This desert of secrets holds a box of secrets I cannot access, and maybe that is for the best.

As I lean into the front window I quietly hope that is is just Ed coming to check on me, but something in the shimmer along the bridges’ upper railing tells me it is not him, nor anyone I remember knowing. It is again the bridge that leads to Everywhere and Nowhere, someone is making a life altering decision, and I am…

I am? Biting the skin of my thumb I turn back to the bar as I ponder this question again, and that is when I see the newspaper.

Local Teacher suspended pending investigation at Stoneham High School

The bridge ripples in the desertscape.


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