Found (12)

I couldn’t get the image out of my mind, it had been hours and my hands were still shaking. The bridge had burned abnormally bright and threw off blinding white sparks, I had to close my eyes both from fear of turning blind and fear of the power that was crossing over.

When I opened my eyes I discovered that an alligator had made the journey, I found myself in the presence of a Time Keeper and my legs gave out from under me. It was rare that one of his kind would pay a visit, my first memory was the snake that showed me an apple, after that my memory fails me. This alligator was the biggest and strongest creature I had ever seen, my senses were on high alert, he had something to tell me and it was important.

I myself am a Time Keeper, Here, though I am no reptile. Everything on this rock is a time keeper in it’s way, there are just few that can communicate this enormous obligation. I lay down on the hiway next to him, our eyes locked and my eyes distorted, my pupils turned to slits and I was given access to the world through his eyes. After a time he left, and I returned to the tavern.

Without thought I removed a knife from my pocket and began carving symbols on my box of secrets. I began with archaic religious runes, there was a brief flash of kids in an old cemetery. If they made the wrong move they would open a gateway and I was recording the ritual? I had no idea, I had only images from his memory. I found that I was carving spiral upon spiral upon spriral more than any other image. A tornado? a double helix strand? I simply carved until my fingers bled.

When I was done I returned the box to the shelf under the cash register and looked at my shaking hands. It was time for me to sleep, the bridge was gone and it was daytime in the desert of secrets, the only time I am given any rest. I finally thrust my hands into my apron pockets, and headed upstairs. Whatever I was meant to find will find me I suppose, for now I will be lost in the land of dreams.


In the Gulf an alligator roars his pain and rage at the spiraling blackness that is consuming his world. He dives under the polluted water and sleeps. He dreams of greens and Blues.


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