Wishing Well ( bridge series 15)

I wasn’t fooling anyone, not even myself anymore. My friend’s random tantrums and odd behaviors could no longer be blamed on the same old excuses, she was clinically insane. I had a choice, stay and inhale the poison of her toxic life or cut my losses and run. My daughter and I escaped at midnight, never have we been in such a hurry to get home.

I pulled off in Baker CA, I always do. There is a stretch of land about a block long that is just a row of Palm trees and in the daylight this strip of life in the desert throws shadows of dancing light and cool shade, a memory of the Garden before the fall. It was 3a when we pulled off I was cursing under my breath “where is the damn bridge?”. My daughter looked at me and asked “what bridge?”

“The bridge, it’s always here, I can’t find it.”

“Mom, I’ve never seen a bridge here”

“It’s here, somewhere, I just have to keep looking.”

“Where does it go Mom?”

“It goes Nowhere and Everywhere” I responded without thinking.

Why did I say that? I don’t remember a bridge at all, yet something inside of me instinctually knew there was a bridge that I had to cross.

And then I saw it.

“There, do you see it baby?”

“No Mom.”

I stopped in my frantic pacing and almost told her to look harder but something in me realized that she was too young for the bridge. She still had her whole bright shining future to look ahead to, she was too young for regret, and I was part of that future.

I got back in the car, my daughter following, “what are we doing Mom?””We’re going home sweets, let’s go” and we disappeared onto the freeway, heading North.

 The bridge to Nowhere and Everywhere shimmered once and disappeared.

It finally got it’s wish.


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