Home At Last (#5)

I had to plead to my friend Rob for help finding his little green bird.

“Rob, help me find him.”

Rob quietly haunts my life since his passing much as he did in life. All it took was a phone call, “I need help” and he would drop anything he was doing and come over, even if he was four hours away. I have called on him many times since his death, both for help with his widow and child and my own mental needs. Ever faithful, he still comes through for me.

We found Nacho 5 hours later. After chasing him through half of the backyards in the neighborhood, 20 of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen outside of the Seqoiyas, and being forced to drink a diet soda from a neighbor (I’d rather drink my own urine) I had to give up and run home to speak with Rob.

“Uhm, Rob? I actually need to CATCH the little monster!”

8 hours, 4 backyards and 6 trees later Nacho was caught and returned safely home.

“Thanx Rob” I smile as I look to the heavens.

I can feel him smile back.


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