The colors of my life are painted with pain, eggplant purples, raw reds, and the jaundiced yellows of the bruises I carry on my heart, the bruises I have inflicted on my soul, and yet I am reminded that “in every color there is the light.”   A promise of a brighter dawn somewhere in my days, I look to the horizon in search of that day.
When my heart and mind turn to stone, I am reminded that “in every stone sleeps a crystal”.  A promise of a time when my soul will fill the world with healing and love, I listen to it’s steady slumber, I wait for the morning it yawns, stretches, and awakens.
This is my test to fail or to win, it is my decision in the end.  Can I put aside these petty burdens I have chosen to shoulder, can I rise from the ashes of my disappointments and see the world in all of it’s beautiful perfection?  I can, yet I will never see this perfect world as do the better children of god, the children that have no eyes for anything but what is glorious.  It is man that is the enigma,  it is man that turns his eyes from what is the truth, and sees only flaws in the plan.
 Remember the shame when we used to say that Man is the dream of the Dolphin.” 
I remember that shame, if only I could forget.  It is the shame of our Fall from Grace.
(ENIGMA ; “The Dream of the Dolphin)
Alisa Rynay Haller  (with alittle help from dolphins that dance in the waves at Laguna Beach)
(*submission for JM Prescott’s blog challenge via thinkingten)

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