The Greatest Thing She Has Ever Done

In a crowd outside of a truckstop in the middle of nowhere Utah sits a small unassuming man, his backpack has a peace sign on it, tethered to the bag is a small puppy and a sign that reads “I-15 South”. The man is not asking for money, he is not asking for food for his dog, he is not even asking for a ride, the sun is going down and he sits quietly on a cement bench that will probably be his bed for the night.


Two women are traveling South on I-15 but are in the company vehicle and are forbidden to give rides to strangers, even though the vehicle has plenty of room for all occupants, the irony is that both women work for Animal Services and it goes against their nature to turn down an animal and it’s owner’s needs.


Out of guilt, remorse, or maybe just a random act of kindness one of the women gives the man a twenty dollar bill and apologizes for not being able to give the man and his dog a ride. The man thanks the woman and then adds “Do you know that you are the first person that has spoken to me today?”


The woman walks away trying to hold back the tears she is shedding, and looks back on her life’s achievements and failures. Back inside the vehicle she continues to wonder if she has ever done anything greater than saying hello to a stranger, and decides she has not. That puts a smile on her face that lasts for the next 200 miles.


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