All Things in Their Time…

I often wonder why I am still surprised that I can still be surprised.

My Christmas present this year was termination of employment, a blown transmission, and well, all of 2010 in general.  Every day was an emergency, a tragedy, a death, a near miss or a fatal shot, and yet I don’t regret any of it, things go as they go.

Several years ago my dear friend Mark returned from a very rare and treasured week in the company of the Great Tribes of  the American Nation.  He is not native, yet it has always called his soul, and he received a coveted invitation to attend the annual event held in upper New York.

He brought  back a smudge stick, just for me, for a woman he loves more than she can return, and I treasured it.  When the darkness settled into the eaves and doorframes of my house and my life the stick  was lost to me, it was no longer where I had thought it was, I could find it nowhere.   Another friend offered to do the ritual and I refused, it just didn’t seem right.

In an attempt to divert my mind from the impending doom that will be my life I decided to embark on my own spiritual journey, I vowed I would perfect the recipe for the delightful candy called “Turkish Delight”.  I only failed once or twice, and I had a fresh batch that I needed to package for my gal pal, bff, partner in crime, I left her behind enemy lines with every intent to return, and yet..

 I perused my basement for all of the candy tins I could find and there It was, in a Christmas tin from lifetimes ago, my smudge stick from another friend I have neglected for longer than should be allowed.  I picked it up  and I smiled and pictured his face, and then found that he had left a note for me, for the me that would be Today but wasn’t back Then.

It read as follows:

“Hear me my Chiefs! I am tired, my heart is sick and sad.  From where the Sun stands I will fight no more, forever!” 

(Chief Joseph, Nez Pierce)

 I can never repay this act of kindness, this gift of permission to say that I have had nothing to say because a far better man than I will ever be already did it for me.

 I can never repay the lost years to my friend Mark, but then again he prays to the four great winds and the heart of the earth every morning when lifts his prayers to the Sun, and so I know I will not need to repay anything. 

 To each season it’s time, or all things in their time, afterall.


(Mark Machovina, I will love you always)


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